Two people skydiving in Key West.Whether looking for a relaxing beach getaway or an adventure-filled escape, you can find your perfect vacation mode in Key West. The popular Florida island is the perfect destination for everyone, from couples to bachelorette parties. No matter the size of your group, there’s no better lodging option than NYAH, Not Your Average Hotel. Not only is our adults-only hotel the perfect place to relax, but it’s also close countless to countless activities. If you and your group are looking for an adrenaline rush, sign up and go skydiving in Key West.

How to Get Your Blood Pumping

The premier option for anyone looking to go skydiving on their visit is Skydive Keywest. The local company, which has been an official business since 1992, specializes in tandem jumps. The team’s experience adds up to over 60 years in aviation and tens of thousands of jumps.  

As previously stated, all jumps are tandem. This means you are attached to a certified instructor by a special harness and use a parachute system designed for two people. Tandeming jumps are an excellent option for those skydiving for the first time.

When you arrive, you will go through a safety and training briefing, which will help you know what to expect from this adventure. When it’s go-time, you’ll board a plane that’ll fly you to the jumping altitude of 10,000 feet. From the moment you leave the plane, you’ll experience about 40 seconds of freefall before the parachute opens; it takes roughly five minutes to descend to the landing spot.

There are weight and age limits, so check this information before reserving your jump. You will have the chance to purchase photos or videos from your outing.

Unwind in Comfort at NYAH

The pools at a hotel in Key West to relax by after skydiving.After feeling the rush of skydiving, there’s nothing better than lounging by the pool at NYAH in Key West. With three pools and a jacuzzi, there’s no shortage of spots to soak in the sun while planning your next adventures. Most importantly, our hotel near Duval Street is home to spacious accommodations.

Our private rooms can host up to six people, while the shared rooms can accommodate up to four. All rooms come with a private locker, so you have a secure place to store all of your belongings. Before booking your Key West vacation, be sure to check out our hotel deals for ways to save. When you’re ready to reserve your visit, book your stay online with the click of a button. Don’t forget to share photos of your adventures with us using #IShareAtNYAH.