Key West is considered to be the southernmost point of Florida. Therefore it is surrounded by beautiful waters. Here at the NYAH, we are only a short distance from some of the best sailing areas around. So, toss your cares to the wind and set sail!

Seeing The Sights

There are many sights to be seen in Key West, and many of them are on shore. However, by taking to the seas, you can get a whole new perspective. Take one of the tours available that will carry you around the shores of Key West and out to the Dry Tortugas National Park. Many of these tours have a stop or two for a bit of exploring islands or snorkeling. It is not uncommon to see dolphins on the way as they frolic and play alongside the boats.

Getting To Meet The Locals

The beautiful Key West is home to many different animals and incredible plantlife. If you love discovering new flora and fauna, then an eco sail would be the perfect outing for you. These eco-tours allow you to get up close with various native inhabitants. Sharks, dolphins, manatees, and various other local stars tend to make appearances. Different companies offer routes more specific to what you would like to see so make sure you sign up for one that takes you to where your favorite local calls home.

Sunsets Like Never Before

Imagine listeningHotel Key West to the sounds of the water lapping against the side of the boat as you drift along with a glass of champagne and good company. Vibrant colors are thrown across the sky as the sun sinks to where the water meets the horizon. Does this sound like the perfect moment? Then you need to book a sunset cruise. There are several available in the Key West areas so that you can get a front row seats to one of the most exquisite sunsets you will ever experience.


When you come to Key West, make sure you book one of these marvelous sailing adventures and do not miss the chance to see the area from the waters. Your favorite hotel Key West, NYAH, is ready to accommodate you during your visit to make it the best experience it can be. Give us a call at 844-399-6924 (NYAH), and we can help you plan the perfect stay and find an ideal sailing adventure for you.