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August 2, 2017 3:45 PM

Your Key West Photo Op

Average Hotel
Average Hotel

Key West is full of photo-worthy moments. From the quirky shops to the fun colors of Key West, you will find plenty of opportunities to capture your art. At NYAH we are all about creating something unique, after all, we are not your average hotel. We want to make sure you have the time and energy to get out and capture the amazing town of Key West. Whether you are coming with a group for a photo shoot or are just wanting to document your travels, we have space and amenities to make sure you create something amazing!


Key West offers plenty of spots for landscape photography. Head to the shoreline and capture the sunset or waves crashing in. Bring a waterproof camera and get the underwater scene while snorkeling. Catch the sun rising over the town and the quiet before the fun begins. Capture wildlife on a dolphin tour or while you are swimming with the dolphins. Bring a few lens to get the perfect shot. If you are trying to get a close-up of a wave without getting wet use a large lens. Bring a camera that can take a panoramic, if you are looking for a picture of Duval Street. 

If you are more into portraits, Key West is filled with charm and activities for you to catch the perfect action shot Average Hotelor people relaxing around town. Catch your friends as they are parasailing or maybe get an action shot at the Duval Pub Crawl. To make sure you get a clear image of the action, bring a camera that has a setting to support movement. You can also bring a camera with multiple lenses and use the small lens to take pictures of your friends.

Your Camera

Whether you bring a DSLR, a Polaroid, your phone, or a selfie stick, you will create an amazing photo when you visit Key West. Before heading to Key West for your photo op take the time to get comfortable with handling your camera. Read the information about the settings, how to adjust exposure, and how to transfer pictures. This will help you become a better photographer but also guarantee the perfect shot.

After a day of exploring and finding the perfect image, relax and look over the photos at NYAH. Relax by the pool or on one of the many terraces and take the time to edit and review your photos. An important tip is to caption your photos as you are editing them. That way you know who you were with, what you were doing, and where you were. This will be helpful when you decide to share them or reminisce in the future about your trip to Key West. Our not so average hotel is in the perfect location for you to discover the perfect photo opportunity, and we cannot wait to see what you create!

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