Parades have always been a staple for many cultures to celebrate various holidays and events. Though many have large floats that are decorated with everything from a simple banner to intricate decor, there is one parade that takes it a step further and breathes life into art. The Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade brings everything from steampunk to deco art to Duval Street for a parade unlike any other. Find your ideal Key West lodging at NYAH, and discover the parade with us this May.

About the Papio Kinetic Parade

The Papio Kinetic Sculpture Parade is an incredible display of a full breadth of unique artworks that are powered by those who created them. Large animals that are guided by brightly-costumed patrons can be found wandering through along with many other odd sites. Beginning at 5:00 p.m., both artists and performers take their whimsical fusions of materials and creativity to present their works to eager spectators only a hop and a skip from our Key West lodging.

Key West LodgingWhere it all Began

Stanley Papio was an artist that began as a welder in Key Largo. While refining his skills, he began experimenting with various creative techniques, which led him to form incredible sculptures out of random appliances, scrap metal, and just about anything he could find. Though the “junk” was protested by locals who thought it to be an eyesore, he refused to remove it and continued his craft. Soon, he became somewhat of a local celebrity, and after gaining more popularity, his welding business transformed into a museum. Over the years, his museum continued to grow, and art collectors even took some of his work to display it in Europe for the America Now exhibition with the US State Department.

Your Key West Experience

Discover your ideal Key West lodging at NYAH for your group or family during this incredible annual event. Both, the Kinetic Sculpture Parade and the art inspired by Stanley Papio, are must-sees that you will not want to miss. Get inspired and enjoy a unique experience by visiting the Fort East Martello Museum to see Stanley’s remaining works. Join us in Key West to watch the most unique parade in Florida as it makes its way down Duval Street this year!